Apelo da GS1 Polónia

“It is very difficult to stay neutral if the war is  just at your border.  At present more then 1 mln Ukrainian  people, mostly women with children have already crossed our border, desperately  looking for a safe place to stay alive. They run away from bombed cities and villages with single  bags only  and  they need everything:  food, medicines, clothes, places to live, jobs .. . We try to help them with everything what we have.

I am sure that many of you have already donated money to help Ukrainian people .  I can see  on CNN or BBC how engaged and generous are people in many countries. But If any of you or your colleagues in GS1  would like  to help more  ,  please use the  enclosed trustful links:

Please keep finger crossed for Ukraine !

Elzbieta  and Joanna Redmer /President of GS1 Poland